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our recipe for change

  1. Support people with lived experience of poverty and marginalization to build skills and confidence and create opportunities for them to become peer advocates and help community members access the support they need

  2. Encourage volunteerism among program participants and prioritize leadership opportunities

  3. Create ways for people to take action and have a voice on the issues that affect them. Never lose sight of the role government in addressing food insecurity and poverty, diet-related illness, and our unsustainable food system at scale.

key ingredients
  • Recognize the challenges facing people who live on low incomes; create ways for everyone to participate at a level where they feel comfortable

  • Peer support

  • Referrals to Victory Gardens programs and local services

  • Multiple levels of involvement

  • Material and social support to remove barriers to participation

  • Fun and rewarding process

programs on the menu

+ Youth Workforce Development Program
+ Peer advocacy support
+ Volunteer program
+ Public awareness and education

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