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healthy food access programs.

our recipe for change

  1. Offer dignified food access programs, operate them to highest standards of health and quality, and use the most accountable, transparent policies possible

  2. Meet immediate needs and provide the opportunity for social connection and links to other Victory Gardens programs and community resources. 

  3. Involve those affected by food insecurity to volunteer in programs and play leadership roles. Create ways for those affected by food insecurity to push for policy responses that address the issue at the scale of the problems

key ingredients
  • Warm welcoming, and non-judgmental staff.

  • Bright, beautiful spaces

  • No intrusive questions or means testing

  • Fair and consistent food distribution

  • Healthy, delicious, and high-quality food 

  • Connections to other supports, programs and services

programs on the menu

+ Affordable produce markets
+ Healthy snack programs for youth

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